Leaders in the provision of Specialist Search Dogs
in all canine disciplines

Search DogWe are providers of excellent quality Eastern European bred German Shepherds and Malinois suitable both for single or dual purpose roles for police and security work.
We are we believe leaders in the provision of Labradors, Springer and Cocker Spaniels sourced from the highest quality British stock which are capable for use in a variety of detection disciplines.

These dogs are very capable of fulfilling the roles of Explosive and Drug detection dogs, Cadaver, UDSAR and many other specialist search dog disciplines.

Handler Teams

Dog Detectives are able to supply dog and handler Explosive Detection teams for deployment worldwide. Our experienced personnel have operated in hostile environments globally and are available for immediate deployment.


Dog Detectives Ltd (DDL) are leaders in the provision of trained or untrained dogs for a multitude of specialist canine disciplines.
We train and supply, bomb dogs, sniffer dogs for drugs detection and dogs for other police, protection and security related disciplines.
We also provide training for canine organisations to become self-sufficient,  that is we provide instruction for personnel to become qualified trainers and managers within your own organisation.

Search DogThis is usually instigated as a result of an audit service and remedial training offered by DDL to ensure that a canine unit is operating to the highest standard and cost effectiveness.

Prior to undertaking any commitment an assessment of clients perceived and real needs is conducted to substantiate their true requirements to ensure that they receive proficient, cost effective services and training.

We supply K9 teams for a range of detection roles and provide dog handler training for a multitude of canine jobs for Governments, Private Security Companies and Organisations around the world.

We are also able to deliver comprehensive dog and handler training courses including drug detection dogs, explosives detection dogs, security dogs and security handler training for clients from our training facilities in the UK and the USA or if required in your own country.

We pride ourselves in supplying superior trained dogs, part trained or untrained dogs for both Protection (Police or Security) and Detection work (sniffing out Drugs, Explosives, Cadaver, Money, Weapons or other Contraband).

We procure Eastern European bred German Shepherds and Malinios for training in either Single or Dual purpose roles and superbly bred British Labradors and Spaniels for detection roles.

Search DogAll our dogs have Microchips, they all have a full complement of Veterinary Surgeon administered vaccinations including Rabies, they have all been treated to prevent internal and external parasites and proof of this is supplied on a signed Veterinary record with Microchip number endorsed upon it.

As stated all our dogs are thoroughly Veterinary examined and can be supplied with a digital image of their hips and elbows. Only dogs with a pelvis and elbows of a good quality are supplied, their Microchip number is endorsed on the image by the Veterinary Surgeon.

We provide handler training in all canine related disciplines, this training is conducted by experienced instructors with a wealth of knowledge who have served in organisations such as the UK Police, Customs, Prison Service or Military.

All have an expertise in a particular field and impart this knowledge to students in a professional and competent manner.

We are capable again of delivering this training either in the UK or at our facility in the United States or alternatively we are able to deliver training in your home country.

We are always developing new training techniques to combat increasingly varying and sophisticated global terrorism threats; we consistently develop and implement unique and highly effective styles of training in bomb detection and detection dog training techniques.