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in all canine disciplines

In order to protect the reserves and maintain production of crude oil supplies to the world Saudi Aramco Oil Company the largest Oil Company in the world uses many technologies and security procedures to protect its production plants from Terrorist Attack.

One of these is the use of highly trained Explosive Detection Dogs and technicians to prevent and detect the presence of improvised explosive devices (IED'S) from entering their facilities Kingdom wide disrupting production or killing and injuring its employees.

These highly trained and specialised dogs for the last ten years have been provided solely by Dog Detectives Ltd.

During that period over 100 Labradors and German Shorthaired Pointers have been trained in the UK to detect and passively indicate a large number and variety of both commercial and military explosive substances.

The dogs are trained in the UK and teamed with their handlers in order to perform their 24/7 duties. Using these highly trained dogs is an integral part of the measures taken to secure the supplies of crude oil and gas in order that the economies of the world can continue uninterrupted.