Leaders in the provision of Specialist Search Dogs
in all canine disciplines

Shepherd DogsHere at DogDetectives Ltd we carry out dog and handler courses in a variety of disciplines for Government and Corporate clients only. We cannot at this time provide training for individuals.

These courses are held regularly:

  • Explosive Detection Handler Course
  • Drug Detection Handler Course – Pro Active
  • Drug Detection Handler Course – Passive
  • Urban Disaster Search & Rescue
  • Wilderness Search & Rescue
  • Fire Investigation / Arson Detection
  • Cadaver Detection (Human Remains)
  • Blood/Semen Detection
  • Police Patrol / Security /Fire Arm Support Dogs
  • Terrorist Apprehension Dogs
Please email for details!

All our courses can be designed and modified to suit the particular customer’s needs.
Courses can be conducted either in the UK or in-country.