Leaders in the provision of Specialist Search Dogs
in all canine disciplines

Search DogWith an increasing amount of people transporting large amounts of Flora & Fauna, Meat, Tobacco, Currency and other articles illegally DogDetectives Ltd are combating these problems by training dogs to find and detect these target substances.

These dogs can be used to protect endangered species whose body parts are being transported to countries for use in medicines, fashion and jewellery. The dogs are trained to detect specific species whilst in transit or at illicit locations.

Consider this, it is thought that the Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak in the UK in 2001, which cost the UK economy in excess of £8bn was thought to have been started by the illegal importation into the UK of a quantity of meat from overseas.

The effect on the British farming and Meat Industry was catastrophic and has only recovered over recent years.

Coupled with that the effect it had on Tourism the overall effect to the UK economy was enormous.

This could happen to any country and affect their economy.

The transportation of illicit items has huge effects on revenue.

Illegally made tobacco products are infiltrating into the consumer market, not only are they defrauding governments of much needed taxes and revenue but they are usually made from substances whose nature makes them harmful to health more so than tobacco on its own. Dogs can be trained to detect these items.

BUT there is a higher price to pay, as these practices are also usually linked to Drug trafficking, Money Laundering, Human Trafficking for both Prostitution and Slave Labour and in some cases is supporting Terrorism.

We train and supply dogs specially trained to detect the presence of Mobile Phones for use within prison systems to prevent inmates being able to continue orchestrating their criminal operations from behind bars.

Mobile phone detection dogs trained by Dog Detectives Ltd have been very successful in detecting cell phones and parts in the prison systems of several Caribbean countries.

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