Leaders in the provision of Specialist Search Dogs
in all canine disciplines

DogDetectives Ltd supply fully trained illegal drug/narcotic detection dogs, these are all trained with 'real' drugs to ACPO guidelines and standards. We supply either single or dual purpose dogs for this discipline.

DogDetectives Ltd are one of the few canine companies authorised by the UK Home Office to 'possess & keep' controlled drugs for dog training purposes and as such our dogs are trained to the highest standard.

DogDetectives Ltd supply pro-active search dogs capable of searching buildings, vehicles and other areas. Ideally suited amongst other uses for operational duties at Airports, Terminal and Border crossings.

We also train and supply Passive Person Scanning dogs for use at transportation terminals, entertainment events
or at educational facilities to combat the use and distribution of illegal substances.

These dogs alert to individuals carrying drugs secreted upon their person by a passive ‘sit’ indication. All dogs supplied have passed through an intense training course where they have completed training searching in the following locations

• Areas
• Buildings
• Vehicles
• Aircrafts
• Vessels

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