Leaders in the provision of Specialist Search Dogs
in all canine disciplines

Search DogDogDetectives Ltd also train dogs such as German Shepherds or Malinois to perform duty as Police Patrol or Security dogs, able to protect both handler and property.

The dogs are ideal for patrolling vulnerable premises and installations such as Military Installations, Borders and Checkpoints, Refineries, Power Plants, Processing Plants, High Security sites and premises.

These highly trained dogs are trained to ‘alert’ to the first signs of potential intruders and should the need arise the can attack and detain or search for and locate persons who have entered a facility illegally.

They are a very effective, visible and cost effective deterrent to terrorist and felons reconnoitring a site as a potential target for infiltration.

Dogs trained and supplied by DogDetectives Ltd are currently deployed in numerous 'hotspots' around the world giving vital service and protection to critical infrastructure sites and vulnerable locations.

By using Eastern European bred dogs we ensure that the canines have the correct drive and motivation for their discipline. The dogs have strength, stamina and courage which are three of the prime ingredients for a Police Patrol dogs or Security/Protection dog.

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