Leaders in the provision of Specialist Search Dogs
in all canine disciplines

Dog Detectives Ltd is based in the United Kingdom a short drive from Manchester International Airport; here we have a six acre complex with full training facilities for a variety of canine disciplines.

We have classrooms with first rate equipment for student instruction and lecture delivery; this includes internet access and full welfare facilities.

There is a fully equipped kennels capable of housing large numbers of dogs in excellent conditions conducive to what is required for working dogs.

We have a modern Veterinary Clinic and Referral Hospital with state of the art facilities for animal welfare; we also have accommodation for students in single, twin or double rooms which are located nearby.

On site we have training areas and fields for Obedience, Agility and ‘Decoy Work’ with all the necessary equipment to facilitate a structured professional delivery of training skills.

We have a large number of vehicles of a variety of sizes in a specific training area which are used to ensure that our dogs are trained in a methodical and focused vehicle search technique.
This is suitable for Explosive detection dogs to simulate ‘vehicle traffic control’ at checkpoints but also available for Drug Dogs search.

There is a large open search area which replicates an urban environment which is suitable for use as a simulated scenario in a hostile terrain or for use as an Urban Disaster scene in casualty recovery. It is covered with environmental obstacles and obstructions idea to replicate operational search areas.

We have buildings with 25 large rooms filled with furniture such as beds, wardrobes, drawers and other awkward items for dogs to negotiate whilst searching. These are suitable for a variety of canine training uses with many ‘hide’ locations.

Off site we have facilities to use for ‘large vehicle’ search conditions, advanced building searches and a further 1000 acres of farm and woodland for tracking, ‘specific bite work’ and open area searching.