Leaders in the provision of Specialist Search Dogs
in all canine disciplines

Dog Detectives have for a number of years been supplying Specialist Search dogs to a number of countries in Asia & SE Asia including Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan and most recently Afghanistan and Iraq.

Dog Detectives have been supplying a large number of search dogs, handler and instructor training to The Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia during the last 10 years. These dogs have been trained for both Urban Disaster Search and Rescue and for Cadaver Search on land to recover victims of natural and also terrorist incidents and in water to recover drowned victims, additionally we have supplied Wilderness Search, and Fire Investigation dogs to this organisation.

For the past 8 years we have supplied a major SE Asian Police force with a large number of dogs for use as Patrol, Drug Detection and Explosive Detection work.

Recently in the Caribbean region we have supplied a Government with Drug, Firearm and Mobile phone detection dogs to combat the rise in drug trafficking and organised crime both on the streets and within the prison population. This has led to the further supply of Drug detection dogs to other islands in the region.