Leaders in the provision of Specialist Animals
such as police horses
police horses

Shepherd DogsDog Detectives Group is one of the leading companies in the supply of Dogs and Horses for Police, Military and Security Organisations worldwide.

The personnel at Dog Detectives Group (DDG) are experienced in Canine and Equine matters having a background in disciplined services in The United Kingdom related to the use of dogs and horses in the prevention of Crime, Terrorism and Major Disorder. With animal service credentials we are able to supply dogs and horses suitable for a variety of roles serving government and non-government organisations worldwide.

Horses With a long established background and reputation in the selection, training, use, and welfare of horses the personnel at Dog Detectives Group are well placed to provide a professional service to clients with equine requirements.

This can include the selection of suitable equine stock for roles as Police or Military horses, the professional training and instruction of personnel in mounted roles, stable hands and can also include the training of officers for management positions within stables.

Shepherd DogsWith a huge experience in the selection and training of horses for service roles the personnel at DDG are well placed to assist new Mounted Sections with their equine requirements or established sections with an expansion or refurbishment strategy.

The abundance of knowledge and contacts in equine circles which includes British Police Equine Trainers, Major Horse Suppliers throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe DDG are able to supply horses for a variety of roles. This is backed by intimate access to professional and experienced British Ministry of Agriculture Veterinary Surgeons whose speciality is in the field of equine assessment, accreditation, approval and exportation.

One of our two huge training establishments in the United Kingdom is situated very near to The University of Liverpool Equine Hospital which is world renowned for its expert treatment of large animals.

With all these quality attributes DDG are leaders in their field in the United Kingdom and possibly within Europe in service equine provision.