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Clients from The Middle East
News With the increasing terror threat in the Middle East from Isis here at DDL we are seeing an increase in dog purchase enquiries. DDL aim to be the best at what we do and clients are now noticing this. This particular client said 'we did not expect to see this quality, we have travelled across Europe and The States looking at dog suppliers and your dogs are miles ahead off anyone's'.
DogDetectives will be Exhibiting at the Milipol Qatar 2014. We will be joining the Hemaya Stand and we welcome all current and potential new clients to come and visit us.
2 more Spaniels off the Caribbean
News We have just received reports that some of our dual trained Drug/Cash dogs have had huge success out on operational duty. A few weeks back one of our dogs found EUR-300K and last week another EUR-55300 and $15000. From this 2 more spaniels have been shipped out to the Caribbean.
10 Explosive Dogs
News Last week another 10 of our Explosive detection dogs went out to a client. They shipment consisted of 5 German Shepherds, 3 Malinois and 2 Labradors.
More satisfied clients
News Returning clients select 15 Drug Dogs to work at one of the largest airports in the Far East.
New Kennel refurb nearly complete
News DogDetectives has invested heavily and completely refurb an old building and converted it into 76 new kennels. This will help with the ever growing dog capacity that we need to house.
Spaniels taking over the world
News 5 more spaniels and 1 Labrador to a K9 company is the States. With the increase in demand for single purpose detection dogs the Police forces in America are turning to Sporting breeds rather than Shepherds and Malinois due to their placid and friendly nature.
Good start to 2014
News On the 10th of January we had our first 2 shipments of dogs delivered to clients abroad. 2 spaniels to the Caribbean and 4 Labradors to the middle east.
Giving back to where it all began
News 14 weeks ago DogDetectives Ltd donated 2 German Shepherds (Nico and Beny) to our local Police Force, Merseyside Police. Yesterday was the passing out parade/course completion day. Both dogs passed their licencing and PD Nico won the award of top dog of the course. For you who don't know our Managing Director, David Jones, first started at Merseyside Police so it was a special moment for us all. Very proud of our dogs.
2 more explosive dogs delivered
2 more Explosive Detection Dogs have just landed in Basra (Iraq) with the client. The client is using them to cover VCP's at a secure site.
DogDetectives now able to deliver HABC courses
News DogDetectives is now Qualified to deliver dog training with the HABC award (awarding body for compliance) to successful candidates.
More dogs for Explosive Detection
News Last week a mixture of Shepherds, Malinois, Labradors and spaniels where shipped to America all for Explosive Detection and this week 8 more spaniels will be arriving in The USA. With more and more people worried about the threat of terrorism dogs are being used in public places. Spaniels and Labradors are the perfect dogs for this as they pose no treat to members of the public, unfortunately shepherds and malinois are perceived to be attacking dogs and not socially friendly.
4 more Bomb dogs to Aramco
To protect the ever increasing threat of terrorism more and more people are turning to dogs. Saudi Aramco have been utilising dogs for over 20 now and for the last 12 DogDetectives have been the sole supplier. Sad to say but we are now replacing dogs that we supplied that are now retiring. Thankfully Aramco being such a big Ex-pat community all the retired dogs are adopted by the ex-pat community.
DogDetectives joins Facebook
News DogDetectives has joined the ever growing social media world. Please like us to find out the latest events and info regarding the Company. https://www.facebook.com/dogdetectivesuk
12 Drug Detection dogs to cover major border crossings.
News The first 12 dogs of an order of 25 Drug Detection dogs have been selected and delivered. The dogs will be used at major border crossing including International Airport and Seaports.
15 EDD's delivered and sucessful handover in country
News DogDetectives has successfully completed another contract with a Middle East police force. The contract required us to train 15 EDD German Shapherd & Belgium Malinois, ship them to the country and then complete a 1 week handover/familiarisation course. The head of the K9 unit commented that 'These are the best dogs we have ever bought'.
Middle East Police Force order more dogs
News Based on the success of the previous dogs we have supplied, One of the largest Police Forces in the Middle East has ordered 6 Malinois Patrol dogs from DogDetectives Ltd.
15 Trained Explosive Detection dogs ordered
News DogDetectives has secured another contract for 15 trained Bomb dogs for a Middle East police force. The dogs are high drive German shepherds and Malinois trained to find a variety of Explosive devices.
8 Fully trained bomb dogs
8 fully trained explosive detection dogs have been bought and shipped within 6 days of being ordered. Due to DogDetectives always having stock of trained dogs when an order came in we were able to react straight away and get 8 fully trained dogs on a flight within a few days.
5 More dogs to the Middle East Police force
News After the success of the large order of dogs a couple of months back a further 5 Labradors have been shipped to the Middle East Police Force. The dogs, 4 male 1 female, will be sent to a small unit within the region. They will cover a International Airport screening for Drugs.
Another sucessful purchase
News A Far East police force have made another purchasing trip to ourselves and bought more green dogs off us for the 8th year in a row. The dogs are pre-tested for drive, stamina, determination and environmental issues and then the police force picks which ones they want to buy. DogDetectives are proud to have successfully been supplying them for over 8 years now.
Aramco order
After being the sole supplier to Aramco for 11 years now they have reaffirmed that they love our dogs with another order of 17 Labradors. These dogs will be delivered by the end of the year to then be teamed up with their handlers in-country. To date DDL have supplied over 150 dogs to Aramco and will be delivering dogs there for many more years to come.
More dogs ordered
News After the success of the 5 spaniels last month another 8 dogs have been ordered and delivered to America. With the increasing threat in America more and more places want to be covered and screened by Bomb Dogs. With this we have shipped another 8 spaniels to the same company that had 5 off DDL last month. THE DOGS MUST BE GOOD.
5 Springer Spaniels to a US firm
News 5 Spaniels have been bought by a US company for use in America. With the increasing terror attacks within America 5 of our Springer Spaniels have been bought by a US firm to help combat the increasing problem. Malinois and Shepherds are the usual weapon of choice for US companies but after the Boston attacks less intimidating dogs are being favored, which makes the Springer Spaniels ideal.
25 Drug Detection dogs going to the Far East
News DogDetectives is pleased to announce that we have just secured a contract for 25 Drug Detection Dogs for a Far East customs department. The dogs will be used at all major border crossing searching baggage, vehicles and screening people.
7 Bomb dogs heading to Iraq
News DogDetectives has just sold another 7 Explosive detection dogs to a new client. The client originally came to visit us with the intention of buying 6 dogs but ended up leaving having bought 7. They were so impressed the standard of our dogs they ended up buying more than they came for. The dogs will be shipped to Basra to cover several ECP's.
Client visits for assesment
News DogDetectives has just shipped the large order of dogs that was received from a middle east police force. The order was shipped in 2 shipments due to the high number of dogs. The client came over to our training facility in the north-west of England and selected their dogs. All the dogs had undergone an intense training program and the client was more than impressed with the standard and quality. 2 members of the DogDetectives team are travelling out to visit the client in May to make sure they are 100% satisfied with the dogs.
Dogs to search VCP's
News Just delivered another 4 bomb dogs into Kabul to screen vehicle at a VIP checkpoint. DogDetectives has a great reputation in Afghanistan for delivery high quality/drive dogs at short notice to high risk areas.
New batch of dogs arrives in for training
News DogDetectives only supplies quality dogs and to do so we have to import certain breeds of dogs from our partner in Eastern Europe. Each month a new batch of Shepherds and Malinois arrives in (varying in numbers dependent on which contracts we have in). All our dogs are selected from a large number of candidates and suitable dogs are chosen. Once they are back in the UK they begin their training. All our dogs come with health and performance guarantee's and can be shipped to clients worldwide for as little as £340 per dog. For further info please fill out our inquiry form.
2 Bomb dogs exported to Aramco
News DogDetectives has continued their supply to Aramco by supplying 2 further labradors to detect explosives.
An order for 39 dogs
News A large order of dogs, 39 in total, has just been ordered by a Middle East police force. The dogs will be a variety of breeds including Malinois, German Shepherds, Spaniels, Labradors and Golden Retrievers. These dogs will be trained for many disciplines, Explosive, Drugs, Human Recovery and Patrol. DogDetectives was able to achieve this order due to the high quality of dogs and our economical prices. The dogs will be prepared and shipped in 2 lots 19 + 20.
Current client in Baghdad
News Last week week we sent a springer spaniel to a current client who we have only supplied Single Purpose Malinois/Shepherds to before. The client had never experienced a Spaniel before and was blown away with there ability. Here at DogDetectives we will always give the client want they want and never pressure them into buying something they dont want/need but we will always try and give them what we believe is best for them. With this current client we had the opportunity to ship them 1 Springer and the comment from them was 'Why didn't we buy all springers before'. The Malinois/shepherds we supply have excellent drive and ability for search dogs (some better than springers) but the plus for a springer is its size, agileness and their drive. We will always give the client what they want and if they continue to order Malinois/Shepherd Bomb dogs we will supply them some of the best Single purpose Malinois/Shepherds in the world.
Another 2 dogs to Aramco
News DogDetectives has delivered another 2 EDD Labradors to the biggest oil company in the world in our ongoing contract.
3 EDD's supplied to a new client in Basra
News The order came in on the monday and we had 3 fully trained dogs delivered to the client by the friday. Here at DogDetectives Ltd we always have trained dogs ready for any last minute orders and we can usually get them on a plane within a few days.
New delivery to Aramco

In our ongoing 10 year contract with the largest oil campany in the world. DDL has just just delivered another 3 Bomb detection dogs to The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The three higly trained male labradors are the ideal tools in the fight to keep terrorism out of the oil industry.













Recent delivery

DDL has recently delivered 10 fully trained single purpose Explosive Detection dogs to a client in Iraq. 

A large number of suitable dogs, all GSD’s and Malinois, were purchased from Eastern Europe due to their high drive, acute scent detection capability and excellent physical conformation and condition.

All the dogs were trained to Dog Detectives’ high standard with ‘live’ explosives and using a variety of training scenarios and situations. This tried and tested method we use for all our Bomb Dogs.

The client’s delegation visited our facilities, assessed and selected the 10 dogs from a large number that we always have available in our kennels. They were then airfreighted to Baghdad.