Leaders in the provision of Specialist Search Dogs
in all canine disciplines

Dog Detectives have supplied Explosive and Drug Detection dogs to several major security firms contracted by The United Nations and Government entities in their battle to combat terrorism in Afghanistan. These dogs are used to support troops and security personnel to bring stability to the region and also combat drug trafficking. Hopefully this will negate the funds used to support terrorism and stem the supply of Heroin to the world.

The protection of Critical Infrastructure in countries supports development and the well-being of the population. Dog Detectives have been actively supplying Explosive Detection Dogs to several Middle East and Asia countries which are used to protect these assets.
We have also supplied Explosive search dogs to the new KAUST University in Jeddah which is at the forefront of educating both men and women in the Middle East.

Over the past 6 years we have supplied large numbers of trained Explosive Detection dogs to both Iraq and Afghanistan for use by private security contractors in this hostile region.
Our dogs with their handlers have worked tirelessly to prevent the use of explosive substances to harm both citizens, security personnel and protect property in these volatile environments.