Leaders in the provision of Specialist Search Dogs
in all canine disciplines
German Shepherds & Malinois

We procure all of these breeds from Eastern European bred German Shepherds and Malinios for training in either Single or Dual purpose roles.

They are capable as

  • Single purpose detection dogs, with immense drive, scent ability and focus
  • As Dual purpose detection and Protection dogs with the same characteristics but with all the ability required to be trained for ‘bite work’ and associated police requirements.
  • As Special Operation dogs, highly driven for anti-terrorist work. These are strong minded and strong character dogs capable of be deployed from helicopters in special operations.
  • Titled dog -KNPV or Schutzhund

Dog Name: Blacky

Breed German Shepherd
Age 14/9/14
Discipline Green dual purpose
  • Ball mad
  • Full bite
  • Perfect heel work

Dog Name: Edo

Breed German Shepherd
Age 02/08/14
Discipline Dual Purpose Explosive Detection
  • Strong dog with a full bite
  • Sit indication
  • Excellent vehicle search